Hygiene, Food & Drink


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  • We regularly seek information from the Environmental Health Department and the Health Authority to ensure that we keep up to date with the latest recommendations.
  • Our daily routines encourage the children to learn about personal hygiene.
  • We have a daily cleaning routine for the setting which includes play room(s), kitchen, rest area, toilets and nappy changing areas.
  • The toilet area has a good standard of hygiene including hand washing and drying facilities and the disposal of nappies.
  • We implement good hygiene practices by:
    • cleaning tables between activities;
    • checking toilets regularly;
    • wearing protective clothing – such as aprons and disposable gloves – as appropriate;
    • providing sets of clean clothes;
    • providing tissues and wipes.


Food and Drink

  •  Staff who prepare and handle food understand – and comply with – food safety and hygiene regulations.
  • All food and drink is stored appropriately.
  • Adults do not place hot drinks within reach of children.
  • Snack and meal times are appropriately supervised and children do not walk about with food and drinks.
  • Fresh drinking water is available to the children at all times.
  • We operate systems to ensure that children do not have access to food/drinks to which they are allergic.
  • We operate a NUT free environment

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