In accordance with the National Standards for Day Care, we keep records of:


  • names and addresses of all staff on the premises, including temporary staff who work with the children or who have substantial access to them;
  • names and addresses of the owners or of all members of the management committee;
  • all records relating to the staff’s employment with the setting, including application forms, references, results of checks undertaken etc.


  • names, addresses and telephone numbers of parents and adults authorised to collect children from setting;
  • the names, addresses and telephone numbers of emergency contacts in case of children’s illness or accident;
  • the allergies, dietary requirements and illnesses of individual children;
  • the times of attendance of children, staff, volunteers and visitors;
  • accidents and medicine administration records;
  • consents for outings, administration of medication, emergency treatment; and
  • incidents.

In addition, the following procedures and documentation in relation to health and safety are in place:

National Standard 6: Safety

  • Risk assessment.
  • Record of visitors.
  • Fire safety procedures.
  • Fire safety records and certificates.
  • Operational procedures for outings.

National Standard 7: Health

  •  Administration of medication.
  • Prior parental consent to administer medicine.
  • Record of the administration of medicines.
  • Prior parental consent for emergency treatment.
  • Accident record.
  • Sick children.
  • No smoking.


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