The Committee

  • A welcome note from the Committee

    Welcome to Chaldon Pre-School and thank you for choosing us to help your children begin their development.

    As part of your child’s attendance at the Pre School we would like to invite you to become a member of the committee at Pre-School.

    The role of the committee is wide and varied and we feel it is vitally important that all parents take an active role in what goes on at Pre-School.

    As a member of the committee you will be expected to attend regular meetings in which we discuss the running of Pre-School, how the staff are developing the children, fundraising ideas, initiatives for improvement and are always welcoming ideas to take the Pre-School forward.

    You will also be expected to help out at the key times when the children are putting on functions for the parents to attend such as nativity plays as these are key times for our fund raising activities to take place.

    It is important to remember that the Pre-School is run as a charity so we are a non-profit making organisation. Your help and assistance as a committee member and fund raiser is vital in the support of all of our children whilst at the Pre-School.

    So please do come and be a part of the committee. Why not have input into your child’s development and watch them grow.

    Chairperson: Guy Blakeburn

    Secretary: Sheena Mann

    Treasurer: Anita Mills

    Events and Communications Lead: Kat Cade

    Early Years and Safeguarding Lead: Lucy Vaness

    For more information on joining the Committee please contact Sheena Mann